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PatchGuard™ Connect Galvanic Anodes

Extends the life of contaminated reinforced concrete.

  • 2nd generation targeted protection
  • Up to 20 years protection
  • Galvanic protection for areas of reinforced concrete at risk of corrosion damage
  • Manufactured in the UK to ISO9001 and ISO 14001

Our PatchGuard™ Connect galvanic anodes corrode preferentially to the surrounding steel – protecting it from further corrosion damage.



PatchGuard™ Connect combats the two main types of corrosion found in reinforced concrete structures

Carbonation induced – exposure to atmospheric carbon dioxide combined with prolonged contact to sufficient moisture and oxygen can leave steel vulnerable to corrosion.

Chloride induced – if chloride in the form of inherently mixed set accelerators or external aggressive salts permeates reinforced concrete in sufficient quantities, an aggressive form of corrosion can be initiated.

When either or both of these take hold in a structure, this can lead to the concrete cracking and being displaced as the steel reinforcement expands. The corrosion and its effects often propagate very quickly, so it is crucial to be proactive in assessing and fixing the issue to protect the structure and maintain its asset value.

Green Corrosion Image

PatchGuard™ Connect Anodes

PatchGuard™ Connect anodes are specified to protect un-spalled areas of concrete that are at risk of corrosion. The anodes are connected in series with a titanium connecting wire, enabling large areas to be protected with minimal breakout. PatchGuard™ Connect anodes can be used in conjunction with standard PatchGuard™ anodes placed within patch repairs.

The full package: CPT also supplies all the ancillary materials needed for PatchGuard™ Connect installation, including connectors and embedding mortar.

Anodes are available in 4 sizes to suit any structure:

PatchGuard™ 175: 42 mm long x 18 mm diameter
PatchGuard™ 350: 77 mm long x 18 mm diameter
PatchGuard™ 400: 95 mm long x 18 mm diameter
PatchGuard™ 500: 110 mm long x 18 mm diameter

PATCHGUARD™ CONNECT - PB anodes spacing
Anode positions prior to installation


PatchGuard™ Connect anodes are installed into contaminated areas of reinforced concrete, identified as being at risk of corrosion, by simply drilling 25mm diameter holes and embedding the anodes in DuoCrete PG mortar. These are then connected in strings of up to 40 anodes using titanium wire, recessed in saw cuts, and connected at each end to the reinforcing steel. The system is discrete with no surface wiring or permanent control systems and is totally vandal proof.

PATCHGUARD™ CONNECT - PrestonAnodeInstall
PatchGuard™ Connect anode installation in pre-drilled hole prior to embedment in mortar

How it works

PatchGuard™ Connect anodes are a purely galvanic cathodic protection system. The galvanic (or sacrificial) anodes act by corroding favourably to the steel, reacting to corrosion threats whilst supplying a protective current that counters the initiation of corrosion. Corrosion of the anode is non-expansive and does not negatively impact the structure. PatchGuard™ Connect technology is a long-term low maintenance solution.

Render Image
PatchGuard™ Connect anodes connected in strings

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    Benefits of PatchGuard™ Connect

    • Ideal for targeting corrosion hotspots
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Minimally invasive
    • Self-powered and self-regulating
    • Typical 20 year design life
    • Performance can be monitored
    • Low maintenance
    • System supplied as a full package