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Our Values

“The team at CPT are dedicated to upholding our core values. We are proud to play our part in protecting vital infrastructure here in the UK and around the world”

Adrian Roberts, Managing Director
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Our Core Values

Our Values - CPT Our Values Icons Integrity white 1


At CPT, integrity is of the upmost importance. We take responsibility for our actions, ensuring that our products and services meet the promises we make, and consistently deliver reliability to our customers. We ensure that our products achieve excellence throughout their entire life cycle.

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At CPT we are driven by innovation. We are constantly exploring new ways to develop and improve cathodic protection solutions. We promote a culture where innovation and improvement are at the forefront of our thought processes. We use our excellent technical knowledge combined with the drive for innovation to create excellent products and systems.

Our Values - CPT Our Values Icons Sustainability white 1


We are committed to managing our environmental impact. We are keen to minimise our energy use and promote an eco-friendly mindset within our processes and activities. We make sure that we produce minimal waste, and we aim to continue to seek environmentally friendly alternatives where possible.

Our Values - CPT Our Values Icons Quality white


We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services. We ensure that projects are completed to the highest possible standard, with our systems providing premium protection for structures. Our tasks are carefully carried out, with quality checks taking place at several points throughout our processes.

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We strongly believe that teamwork is of the upmost importance. We are keen to empower our team members, enhancing their expertise and enabling them to excel in their roles. We aim to promote a respectful culture, where our team works together to achieve the best possible outcome.