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21st Apr 2021

Case studies of hybrid and galvanic systems on bridge structures

A key technical paper by industry experts, submitted to Concrete Solutions 2019, examines the design challenges and performance characteristics of galvanic and hybrid corrosion protection systems on a number of …

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22nd Jun 2020

Highways England Publishes Standard Specification for Galvanic Anodes within Patch Repairs

It is widely understood that the use of galvanic anodes within concrete patch repairs can extend repair life and prevent adjacent corrosion initiation when the surrounding concrete is contaminated with …

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4th Sep 2019

Preston Bus Station Car Park – An Award-Winning Refurbishment

When it came to the challenge of extending the life of this famous brutalist structure, CPT were called in to offer expert advice and provide innovative solutions to control corrosion …

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20th May 2019

Corrosion Protection of Inovyn Brine Settlement Tank

Inovyn is at the heart of Europe’s chemical industry. 2.5 million tonnes of salt are extracted from the Holford Brinefield at their Northwich site every year and the plant is …

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6th Mar 2019

Bridging the innovation gap – Bridges 2019 Conference

Concrete Preservation Technologies will be showcasing its innovative range of corrosion protection systems at the Bridges 2019 Conference in Coventry. This annual event delivers up-to-date information through technical sessions and …

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18th Jun 2018

Concrete Repairs And Corrosion Protection At Patterson Lakes Australia

The DuoGuard hybrid anode system has been an instrumental part of repairs and corrosion protection undertaken by Melbourne Water on over 6 kilometres of steel reinforced concrete retaining wall at …

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11th Jun 2018

PatchGuard Plus Connect™ Galvanic Anode™ For High Rise Buildings

595 Collins Street Melbourne PatchGuard Plus Connect™ Galvanic Anode™ for High Rise buildings Applied treatment: PatchGuard Plus Connect™ Corrosion Control SystemNumber of Anodes: >5000 anodesProject Length: January – May 2017Client: Infracorr ConsultingContractors: Vertitech Australia Pty …

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10th May 2017

Auckland’s State Highway Upgrade

Auckland improves, widens and raises a 4.8km long section of motorway to provide additional capacity and to safeguard against coastal erosion and flooding. To help protect the newly improved causeway …

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2nd May 2017

Independent Hybrid Corrosion Protection Appraisal by AECOM

AECOM were commissioned by Concrete Preservation Technologies (CPT) Ltd to undertake an independent appraisal of the site performance of DuoGuard™ Hybrid Anode systems installed on 6 bridge structures located throughout the UK. …

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4th Apr 2017

Identifying And Treating Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete Structures

Causes and Implications of Concrete Deterioration Failed Coatings Failed coatings, combined with poor drainage and leaking deck joints are common problems on car parks. Chloride salts can penetrate the concrete …

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28th Jan 2017

Concrete Spalling: Causes, Effects and Repair

Updated 29th March 2021 Across the globe concrete spalling effects a wide variety of structures including concrete framed buildings, multi-storey car parks, bridges, jetties, tanks and bunds. Spalling can have wide …

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12th Oct 2016

CPT is featured in the Concrete Society’s Concrete Magazine

Concrete Preservation Technologies’ article is featured in Concrete Society’s Concrete Magazine. Dave Bewley of Concrete Preservation Technologies (CPT) explains hybrid corrosion protection, a technique combining elements of traditional impressed current cathodic …

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