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Case Study

The Arcadian Condominium Seawall

The Arcadian Condominium, built in 1974, is located in the popular seaside town of Myrtle Beach. Tourism and vacation rentals are key to the success of the community, so timely building maintenance is critical to avoid lengthy closures of hotels and condominiums.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Stone Restoration of America


June 2022


Industrial & Marine

The Arcadian Condominium Seawall - icon problem

The Problem Identified

The Arcadian Condominium offers beautiful scenery for residents, guests and tourists, but it is a harsh environment for reinforced concrete. The seawall is constantly exposed to chlorides and moisture, due to its proximity to the ocean, and eventually began to show signs of corrosion and concrete damage.

The Arcadian Condominium Seawall - icon solution

The Solution Developed

Along with necessary repairs, it was proposed that a PatchGuard™ 350 Connect HiFlow system should be installed along the entire length of the seawall to provide a long-term solution for corrosion (20+ years). The wiring and reference electrodes were routed to distributed junctions on the seawall, so the system could be easily monitored with little cost.

The Arcadian Condominium Seawall - icon benefits

The Benefits Provided

Residents and vacationers alike will benefit from a long-term solution to corrosion on the seawall. Mitigating corrosion will result in reduced restoration, maintenance, and ultimately less disruption to beach access, which is critical to this important tourist resort.

Addressing corrosion and being proactive, rather than continuously reacting to damage, will result in financial savings and more access to the incredible coastal environment where the Arcadians Condominiums are located.

The Arcadian Condominium Seawall - Sea wall rebar
Sea wall cap reinforcement
The Arcadian Condominium Seawall - Anode install square
PatchGuard Connect HiFlow installation


PATCHGUARD™ - patchguard image v2 1


Patchguard™ Galvanic Anode, the unique corrosion repair solution for patch repairs.

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