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Our Environmental Commitments

We are in the business of extending the life of structures. Our products help to prevent the enormous carbon footprint associated with demolition and rebuilding.

We acknowledge that our operations will result in emissions to air and water and the generation of waste. CPT is committed to continual improvements in manufacturing and work practices, we seek to operate at all times in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our Commitments

Our Environmental Commitments - ISO 14001

ISO 14001 Certified

CPT was awarded ISO 14001 certification in March 2023, following rigorous independent inspections. Achieving ISO 14001 certification is confirmation that we have developed a clear set of environmental policies, are proactively monitoring whether those policies are being adhered to and are continuously improving our systems based on ongoing feedback and results. We are delighted to receive this internationally recognised standard of our commitment to environmental best practice.

Our Environmental Commitments - Monitoring Impact

Monitoring Impact

By utilising video conference technology, whenever it is practical, we are minimising our in-person contacts with our UK and international clients. As a consequence of this action we have substantially reduced our CO2 emissions from travel with no adverse impact on CPT business. We use energy monitoring forms to monitor and review our progress once a month.

Our Environmental Commitments - Packaging

CPT Packaging

We endeavour to use the most environmentally protective packing. Working with our suppliers we are constantly looking for new ways to improve. Our product bags contain 30% recycled plastic and use cardboard separators. We have replaced polystyrene with recycled air pillows. Our anode tubs are reusable.

Our Environmental Commitments - Energy water usage

Reducing Energy and Water Usage

We have installed LED lighting throughout our premises. All electrical equipment is powered down at the end of the working day. We are looking at installing water butts and where appropriate using this water for cleaning within the factory. We are committed to using green energy sources where possible.

Our Environmental Commitments - Managing waste

Managing Waste

We have introduced an internal recycling process within the factory. Unused zinc is sent back to the manufacturer. Our plastic mould suppliers re-use plastic within their own processes. Wire storage wooden reels are returned to the suppliers for reuse. Our waste collection firm recycle by hand, up to 90% of our factory waste is reused.

Our Environmental Commitments - Manufacturing process

Manufacturing Processes

We are proud of our low energy product manufacturing processes. We have reduced energy usage by introducing zinc sheet based products which do not require melting and casting.

Our Environmental Commitments - Training Staff

Motivating and Training Staff

Staff undergo regular training courses on protecting the working environment and waste management. Our employees are proactive in suggesting improvements to our working practices to enhance our environmental impact. Car sharing journeys to the factory, or on site visits, are encouraged. We have a bike rack on the premises and several of our employees walk to work.

Our Environmental Commitments - Smart storage

Smart Storage

We use our organisational knowledge to avoid waste within the factory and strive to have only the correct materials stored on site. By not over ordering we have reduced spoilage. A move to making all our products to order has been achieved without compromising our delivery efficiency. Our just in time philosophy aims to dispatch orders within 2 to 3 days.