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Case Study

Milford Bridge

The road bridge carries the A6 over the river Derwent in Milford, Derbyshire. It is comprised of a two-span masonry arch bridge which has been extended at either side by reinforced concrete cantilevers/slabs to provide a pedestrian Footpath (1980’s).


Derby, UK


Derby County Council


June 2013



Milford Bridge - icon problem

The Problem Identified

Poor drainage through the installed system and leakage at the joint between the new and old bridge had lead to chloride ingress from the road above which had then led to significant damage on the cantilever sections and the deck soffit.

Milford Bridge - icon solution

The Solution Developed

Solution…Following the removal of damaged concrete, 300 PatchGuard anodes were applied to the cantilever sections and drain outlets of the new bridge, after which the repairs were reinstated using repair mortar.Solution…

150 Patchguard Plus Connect™ anodes were installed in the soffit of deck slab along the junction of the new and old bridge to protect against the risk of future corrosion.

Milford Bridge - icon benefits

The Benefits Provided

The installation of PatchGuard™ is a cost-effective solution allowing targeted application and no long term maintenance. It is also installed rapidly with no power source required.

Milford Bridge - Milford Bridge Derby2
Milford Bridge over the river Derwent

Learn more about PATCHGUARD™

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Patchguard™ Galvanic Anode, the unique corrosion repair solution for patch repairs.

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