Is corrosion damaging your building?

From residential and civilian to commercial and industrial, all types of building with reinforced concrete elements can suffer from corrosion. Left untreated corrosion will accelerate causing cracking and spalling of the concrete, compromising structural integrity and jeopardising the safety of building users and those passing by. This will result in spiralling maintenance costs and loss of asset value. The same issues can affect masonry clad steel framed buildings, whereby expansive corrosion of the embedded frame causes cracking and shifting of the decorative brick or stone cladding. This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as ‘Regent Street Disease’.

CPT corrosion control systems provide long term protection against corrosion in reinforced concrete and masonry clad steel framed buildings, ensuring the safety of building users and the general public whilst extending structural life and protecting asset value. Our unique technology is discrete, quick and simple to install and maintenance free to minimise life costs.

CPT has extensive experience of providing both the private and public sectors with bespoke corrosion management solutions for buildings with reinforced concrete elements or embedded steel sections. From testing and assessment works to solution design, CPT can help you every step of the way.

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Key Case Study



Belfast, Northern Ireland


Northern Island Assembly


Corrosion in concrete roof slab



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