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Case Study

West Suffolk Hospital

West Suffolk Hospital was constructed in 1972 as a part of the governments ‘Best Buy’ program. The hospital’s structural walls panels and roof planks were constructed from RAAC, considered to be a state-of-the-art material at that the time.


Bury St Edmunds, UK


West Suffolk Hospital Trust


August 2023



West Suffolk Hospital RAAC Panel Corrosion Management - icon problem

The Problem Identified

Evidence of corrosion was apparent in the structural wall panels and CPT were brought in to investigate the issue.

Current surveying methodologies proved to be inadequate, and there was no corrosion protection solution on the market fit for use in RAAC.

West Suffolk Hospital RAAC Panel Corrosion Management - icon solution

The Solution Developed

A brand-new scanning methodology was developed alongside an innovative product range, RAAC-Guard™.

RAAC-Guard™ Strip anodes were installed into each wall panel and surface applied RAAC-Guard™ SA anodes were trialled for internal use.

West Suffolk Hospital RAAC Panel Corrosion Management - icon benefits

The Benefits Provided

Following in-depth investigation work at West Suffolk Hospital the corrosion issues of RAAC from the 1960s and 1970s are better understood.

A bespoke RAAC solution has been developed, trialled, and installed into thousands of elements. RAAC-Guard™ realkalises the environment around the reinforcement steel within 1 week followed by responsive galvanic corrosion protection which is on-going and monitored.

This project won the 2023 Corrosion Prevention Association Project of the Year.

West Suffolk Hospital RAAC Panel Corrosion Management - CPT CPA CRA Award Winner 2023

Learn more about RAAC-GUARD™

RAAC-GUARD™ - Corrosion in RAAC v.2


RAAC-Guard™ anodes arrest steel reinforcement corrosion within as little as 7 days...

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