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Case Study

Berkeley Hotel Swimming Pool

The iconic 5 star hotel Berkeley Hotel is located in Knightsbridge, London. From the 7th floor the hotel’s art deco style, roof top swimming pool commands extensive
views across west London.


London, UK


Maybourne Hotel Group


February 2012



Berkeley Hotel Swimming Pool - icon problem

The Problem Identified

Visual observation showed water leakage from the Berkeley Hotel swimming pool onto the concrete substructure and significant corrosion damage due to chloride attack.

Berkeley Hotel Swimming Pool - icon solution

The Solution Developed

CPT was asked to develop a solution to the corrosion problems on the underside of the pool. A DuoGuard™ hybrid anode system was designed to satisfy the clients insistence on noise restriction which necessitated limited concrete break-out. To halt ongoing corrosion and prevent future damage anodes were installed into the beams of the substructure.

Using an external power source, an impressed current was applied to stop active corrosion and render the steel passive. The DuoGuard anodes were then disconnected from the power source to self-generate a galvanic current, sufficient to maintain steel passivity and control corrosion.

Berkeley Hotel Swimming Pool - icon benefits

The Benefits Provided

Corrosion related deterioration of the Berkeley Hotel swimming pool was halted. After the initial power up period, the self-powered DuoGuard hybrid anodes minimise all future maintenance requirements and associated life costs. The system is flexible and allows further current to be applied at a later date if required.

Traditional methods of repair to historic structures are often costly and disruptive with only short to medium term results expected. DuoGuard hybrid anodes offer a long term and minimally intrusive alternative solution to managers of heritage assets.

Berkeley Hotel Swimming Pool - berkeley Hotel Pool chloride corrosion
Chloride corrosion to the underside of the pool

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DUOGUARD™ - duoguard v2


DuoGuard™ Hybrid Anode halts reinforced concrete corrosion for targeted protection.

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