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Case Study

Stormont Wharf Belfast

Stormont Wharf, with a maximum quay length of 715m, is the longest deep- water facility in Ireland and provides a critical docking facility for visiting cruise ships.


Belfast, Northern Ireland


Doran Consulting




Industrial & Marine

Stormont Wharf Belfast - icon problem

The Problem Identified

Due to many years of exposure in a hostile marine environment, and the subsequent ingress of chloride ions, the reinforcement was corroding causing steel section loss and spalling of the soffit concrete cover.

Stormont Wharf Belfast - icon solution

The Solution Developed

The inclusion of 12,000 No CPT PatchguardTM sacrificial zinc anodes at a spacing of 400mm c/c, as an integral part of the concrete repair specification, ensured that sufficient galvanic current will be delivered to the reinforcing bars to maintain steel passivity and deliver long-term protection. PatchGuard anodes are designed to sit within the host concrete at the perimeter of patch repairs rather than the traditional approach of embedding the sacrificial anodes within the repair mortar.

This innovative approach delivers superior protective current to the steel reinforcement most at risk of corrosion.

Stormont Wharf Belfast - icon benefits

The Benefits Provided

A proven, durable 20-year solution, which does not require a live power source, was applied without any major disruption to the day to day work at the wharf and, in addition, there is no need for expensive ongoing monitoring.

Stormont Wharf Belfast - Stormont Wharf soffit IMG 5592 002 WEB CROP
Spalling found on the soffit concrete
Stormont Wharf Belfast - Stormont Wharf steel IMG 0003 002 WEB
Corrosion on the structural steel reinforcement

Learn more about PATCHGUARD™

PATCHGUARD™ - patchguard image v2 1


Patchguard™ Galvanic Anode, the unique corrosion repair solution for patch repairs.

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