Braefoot Jetty

Location: Scotland, UK

Client: Shell

Problem: Corrosion in beams and soffit

Solution: DuoGuard™

Braefoot Jetty is used as a loading jetty for tankers transporting hydrocarbons into the local processing facility. The structure is formed of steel piles supporting a reinforced concrete deck on which the loading gear is located.



Continual exposure to sea salts from tidal movement and spray resulted in chloride contamination of the concrete and areas of corrosion induced spalling. The client was looking for a 20+ year corrosion mitigation solution but since accessing the structure was extremely difficult they also required the solution to mini- mise necessary ongoing maintenance.



CPT designed a hybrid galvanic protection system using our DuoGuard™ anodes that protected both the repaired concrete and existing chloride contaminated concrete. The Hybrid system meant that after an initial period of contact with a temporary power supply, the system required no ongoing maintenance. We worked alongside the client and contractor to facilitate the system installation within the robust health and safety guidelines required on hydrocarbon plants and created a bespoke monitoring system to allow external on-going measurement without the need for repeat direct access.