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Case Study

Connemara Condominium Parking Garage

The Connemara Condominium, located on Singer Island, Florida, is a luxury condominium that provides beautiful coastal scenery, beach access, and incredible South Florida weather for its residents.


Singer Island, Florida


Restoration Technology, Inc. (RTI)


February 2022


Car Parks

Connemara Condominium Parking Garage - icon problem

The Problem Identified

The condominium was built in 1977 and throughout its life has been exposed to atmospheric coastal conditions from both the east (ocean) and west (intracoastal) side. Due to these conditions/exposure and age of the structure, the parking garage began to show signs of corrosion damage, causing disruption to parking and tripping hazards for residents.

Connemara Condominium Parking Garage - icon solution

The Solution Developed

The parking garage at Connemara had undergone previous restorations and there was evidence of the incipient anode effect around repairs. To combat this issue and deal with the coastal environment of the garage, a repair procedure including PatchGuard™ 175 was specified.

The PatchGuard™ 175 anodes were installed along the perimeter of the repairs to ensure mitigation of the corrosion and extend the service life of the repairs. Due to PatchGuard’s™ placement in the native concrete, there were no restrictions to the repair mortar selection providing residents with the highest quality restoration.

Connemara Condominium Parking Garage - icon benefits

The Benefits Provided

Residents benefit from having more access and less disruption to their parking garage. For large condominiums with premium coastal locations, like Connemara, there is little wasted space and parking can be limited. Closures to garage for repairs/restoration can be extremely inconvenient for residents and their visitors.

To avoid these closures, it is essential to maintain their garages and avoid damage from issues like corrosion. Utilising PatchGuard™ 175 anodes within the patch repairs ensures that the residents have the advantage of a long-term solution to corrosion and are protecting their investment into their property.

Connemara Condominium Parking Garage - CC drilling anode hole at patch edge
Drilling anode hole at patch edge
Connemara Condominium Parking Garage - Connemara anode edge
PatchGuard™ 175 connected to reinforcement

Learn more about PATCHGUARD™

PATCHGUARD™ - patchguard image v2 1


Patchguard™ Galvanic Anode, the unique corrosion repair solution for patch repairs.

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