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Statement on ownership of DuoGuard Hybrid Anode Technology

11th August 2022

CPT is delighted to announce the successful outcomes of two long-running patent cases relating to CPT’s DuoGuardTM Hybrid Anode Technology.

In late 2018, a competitor company (with headquarters in North America) initiated patent infringement proceedings in Australia against Duoguard Australia, CPT and CPT’s directors. In early 2019, the same company commenced a second set of proceedings alleging ownership of the Australian patent protecting the DuoGuardTM Hybrid Anode Technology, which is owned by E-Chem Technologies Ltd (ECT).  The directors of CPT are also the directors of ECT.

In the spring of 2021, the trial took place before a judge of the Federal Court of Australia. Two weeks before trial, the competitor company abandoned its infringement claim, and consented to judgment against it in the first proceeding.  As a result, the infringement claim was dismissed and all asserted claims of the competitor’s patent were revoked.

In March 2022, judgment was handed down in the second proceeding, in which the Court comprehensively dismissed the competitor’s ownership claim to ECT’s patent.

This landmark decision is a complete vindication of the position held by CPT, ECT and their directors throughout this period, which is that the invention of, and patent for, the DuoGuardTM Hybrid Technology are wholly and exclusively owned by ECT.

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