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CPD Seminars

Do you own or manage structures that are subject to embedded steel corrosion and want to learn more about the causes of corrosion, survey techniques and the latest corrosion control technology from the industry experts?

CPD Seminars - cpd seminars

CPT are pleased to offer a 1 hour in-house seminar fully approved by the CPD Certification Service.  Typically held at your offices over lunchtime, the free of charge seminar will be supplemented by product and equipment samples and will feature relevant case histories.  Whether you are responsible for concrete bridges, car parks, jetties or buildings the seminar will help you to identify the mechanisms of deterioration and to specify effective solutions to extend structural life, minimise maintenance costs and enhance asset value.

  • Causes and implications of steel corrosion
  • Testing and investigation
  • Repair options and life cycle cost implications
  • Innovative maintenance free corrosion control technology
  • Case histories

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