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PatchGuard Plus Connect™ Galvanic Anode™ For High Rise Buildings

11th June 2018

595 Collins Street Melbourne

PatchGuard Plus Connect™ Galvanic Anode™ for High Rise buildings

  • Applied treatment: PatchGuard Plus Connect™ Corrosion Control System
  • Number of Anodes: >5000 anodes
  • Project Length: January – May 2017
  • Client: Infracorr Consulting
  • Contractors: Vertitech Australia Pty Ltd
  • Treatment Applied: PatchGuard Plus Connect™ Galvanic Anode™ Corrosion Control System

DuoGuard Australia Products used:

  • PatchGuard Plus Connect Galvanic Anodes™
  • DuoCrete PG Mortar

595 Collins Street is a major building located in the CBD of Melbourne – Victoria and houses the Births, Deaths and Marriages Records Offices. Although only localised deterioration was visibly evident, the potential for major, widespread corrosion issues was considered high, particularly along the in situ concrete false joints.

The engineer, Infracorr Consulting, selected the PatchGuard Plus Connect Galvanic Anode™ corrosion control treatment, as it provided a low-disruption option for preventative maintenance along these joints. Unlike other galvanic anodes which require breakouts, the PatchGuard Plus connect system could be installed in discrete core holes, minimising the work required to protect the structure.

  • Challenges included the external access system required to implement the system, and also access during busy periods in the city itself.
  • Specialist Remediation contractors Vertitech were chosen to install the system and completed the project on schedule and with a minimum of fuss and in line with Engineers requirements.

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