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Concrete Repairs And Corrosion Protection At Patterson Lakes Australia - Untitled 7

Concrete Repairs And Corrosion Protection At Patterson Lakes Australia

18th June 2018

The DuoGuard hybrid anode system has been an instrumental part of repairs and corrosion protection undertaken by Melbourne Water on over 6 kilometres of steel reinforced concrete retaining wall at the Patterson Lakes tidal canals in Southern Australia.

This project was not without its challenges, due to the tightly congested steel throughout the retaining wall structure, and difficulty of access, dictated by tides. There was also a need to undertake repairs as unobtrusively as possible to minimise disruption to the residents’ in the area, a process which was staged over the course of many months.

With assistance from DuoGuard system inventors, Concrete Preservation Technologies Ltd in the United Kingdom, a bespoke solution was engineered to overcome the extremely congested steel within the retaining wall, and development and production of a specialised ‘DuoGuard 800 Slim’ hybrid anodes was completed without delay to a very tight project timeline.

Working closely with the specifying engineer, contract administrator and installer of the system, DuoGuard Australia Pty Ltd has ensured that the project was completed on time, and that lasting corrosion protection has been delivered to the Patterson Lakes retaining wall.

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